Government of Karnataka with a view to promote the development of Muslim Women particularly in the field of education, self employment, improvement of working conditions in Home/cottage industries like ready made garments, handicrafts, libraries, etc.. to provide financial and other aid to institution / agencies engaged in the promotion of development of women. To provide assistance to women students appearing in the competitive examinations, etc.. felt it necessary to constitute the Karnataka State Wakf Foundation for Women Development.

Objects of K.S.W.F.W.D

The Foundation shall be under the control of Revenue Dept (Wakf) and is to promote the development of Muslim Women. The aims and objects for which the Foundation is established are :

1. To create among the women the awareness of the national ideals of Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Democracy, Secularism & Socialism.

2. To promote literacy among women.

3. To create awareness among the women about the new thrust for developmental activities for the women so as to enable them to respond to this thrust as enthusiastically as their more advanced compatriot sisters.

4. To study and identify the factors thwarting the development of women so that these can be account by the State and Non – State Agencies while evolving at strategies in this regard.

5. To organize workshops in order to inculcate a sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, self- sufficiency and fearlessness among the women so as to make them suitable for positions of responsibility.

6. To promote / organize research and other efforts in order to influence the shaping of the women development policies of the State in this direction.

7. To organize seminars, lectures, conferences in order to discuss social, economic, legal and other vital problems concerning the women.

8. To help the women to overcome their economic and social backwardness so as to bring them into the main stream of national development.

9. To implement and advance the schemes and plans of the Central Wakf Council for the development of the women.

10. To improve working conditions when women are employed in Home / Cottage Industries other than Beedi and Agarbathis.

11. To provide financial and other aid to Institutions / Organizations engaged in the development and promotion of the development of women.

12. To provide Consultancy services to Institutions imparting certain skills and support for marketing services, accounting procedures etc.

13. To encourage developmental programs for the women in rural sectors.

14. To encourage literacy as also to evolve suitable schemes for the mental and physical development of the women both in the urban and rural sectors.

15. To facilitate eminent women who have promoted developmental activities for the women in the country.

16. To function as a data-bank regarding the Women Developmental Programs and similar information regarding the education of minority groups in India and abroad.

17. To undertake preparation and / or publication or written material of all kinds including journals and other periodicals as also dissemination of material to mass media that will sub serve the objects of the Foundation.

18. To affiliate to itself or to collaborate with the Societies / Organizations seeking the same objective or objectives similar to those of the Foundations so that the programs / objectives leading to the achievement of this objectives may be more effectively co-ordinates.

19. To raise / mobilize all such funds as are necessary or adequate for implementing the programs and activities of the Foundation and to control or regulate the disbursement of such amount.

20. To provide special assistance or opportunity to women for technical and vocational education, coaching of candidates for competitive examinations and entrance to professional colleges, remedial and promotional classes at the middle or higher secondary school level and provision of hostels for girls.

21. To help organize social services by establishing or assisting the establishment of Care Home for the women in distress and also train them in job-oriented trades so that they may stand on their own legs and live as useful citizens.

22. To establish or assist in establishments of Creches , Nursery Schools and Family Counseling and Legal Aid Centers in thickly populated Minorities areas with a view of encouraging more women of minorities to seek even small jobs and improve their economic conditions.

23. To undertake all such activities that are not specifically mentioned in the aims and objects listed above, but will all the same, promote this objectives and will help women attain the same level of development as the advanced sections of the compatriot sisters in the Indian society.

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