About Karnataka State Wakf Council

Government of Karnataka is providing Grant-in-Aid to the number of Wakf institutions in the State to Keep the institutions in good condition by carrying repairs and renovations and improvements. But these grants have not greatly helped the institutions in their economic development to become self-reliant. It is therefore proposed to advance loans on the lines of the loan given by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi and also make provision for this purpose in the State Budget for advancing loans to the deserving Wakf Institutions whose Muthwallies or Managements take up development works on their own initiative. The advance of such loans is subject to the Rules specified in the scheme annexed.

Eligibility and Quantum of Advance

(1) An unregistered Wakf or a Wakf which is indebted or which is not in full possession of the property to be developed, or a Wakf which is not in full possession of the property to be developed, or a Wakf which is, in the opinion of the Council, insolvent or otherwise unsuitable, shall not be eligible for an advance.

(2) The Advance may be granted under these Terms and Conditions upto 75 per cent of the estimated cost of the project, excluding the value of the land, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs in each case in any one year.

(a) Provided that the Advance may also be granted in excess of 75 per cent of the estimated cost of the project in special circumstances.

(b) Provided further that Advance in excess of the limit of Rs. 5 lakhs in each case in any one year may also be granted, if the Chairman feels that the project will be completed earlier with more financial assistance.

(3) The Advance shall be granted for the costruction of new building or extension of existing building or for other developmental projects of Wakf properties for the purpose of augmenting the resources of the Wakf concerned and better realization of its objects. Resources of the Wakf properties for the purpose of augmenting the resources of the Wakf concerned and better realization of its objects.

Mode of application

(1) Every Muthwalli of a Wakf requiring Advance shall submit the scheme of development of Wakf property through an application as shown in Form-I of these terms and conditions in duplicate and shall enclose therewith the following documents (in case these are in Regional Language, its English translation shall also be attached.

(a) State Plan of the land to be developed, indicating boundaries.

(b) (i) Detailed Plan of construction prepared by a qualified engineer / architect, duly sanctioned by the Municipal or any competent authority having jurisdiction in the area where the property to be developed is situated.

(ii) In the case of other developmental projects a detailed plan prepared by an expert.

(c) A project report in a narrative form indicating the brief history of the Wakf, the aim / objective of the development, the details of the proposed scheme alongwith the estimated cost of it and anticipated income and its utility.

(d) A detailed itemwise estimate of cost duly prepared by an engineer or an expert as the case may be.

(e) A detailed statement showing the profitability of the scheme.

(f) A statement of the market value of the wakf property by an approved valuer.

(g) Copies of the documents to eshtablish the title of the borrower to the management of the property.

(h) A non-encumbrance certificate from the competent authority.

2. The application of the Muthawalli of a Wakf shall be submitted to the Council through the Committee.

(a) A copy of the resolution of the Council approving the scheme and of the permitting, if necessary, the mortgage of the property or recommending specific guarantee for the Advance.

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