In the scheme Medical relief is provided to Muslim Minorities woman and girls for medical treatment on the following conditions

1. The annual income of the beneficiary should by less than Rs 1, 20,000/- [Rupees One Lakh Twenty Thousand Only]. This Scheme is not applicable to the Government Servants.

2. Applications Should be submitted in the prescribed Proforma along with a copy of the Income Certificate issued by the Tahsildar and on estimate by the Hospital / Nursing Home approved the Government.

3. Applications should be submitted by the husband or guardian of the patient only.

4. Patients suffering from dangerous diseases like Heart, Kidney, Brain, Cancer, TB (excluding scissorine ‘C’ section) and other diseases are also eligible to receive the grant.

5. Under this Scheme relief of minimum of Rs 25000/- and maximum of Rs 100,000/- will be paid by cheque through the concerned hospital.

6. In certain exceptional cases relief will be paid by cheque to the patient within three months of settling of bills after taking treatment.

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